Jelena Dokić objavila drastičnu transformaciju, 53 kilograma manje, ali tu šoku nije kraj (FOTO)

Foto: printscreen/ Instagram

Nekadašnja australijska i jugoslovenska teniserka Jelena Dokić kaže da je moguće da se ovog leta vrati na teren, bar u dublu ili na mečevima legendi.

 “Zbog pandemije moguće je da dugo nećemo videti međunarodna putovanja i tenis. Zbog toga bi bilo dobro da imamo neka domaća takmičenja i domaći tenis. Ako bude prilike da zaigram u dublu ili u meču legendi, što da ne”, izjavila je za portal “Nine”, nekada četvrta teniserka sveta.

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My journey to a healthier me!!! 18 months,53 kilos lost and more than 31 kilos lost on the @jennycraigausnz program. Choosing to go on this journey publicly wasn’t easy and I had lots of doubts and fears about putting myself and my weight struggles out there for everyone to see. I am glad I did it and I want to thank everyone for their love and support as I literally didn’t get one bad comment or any hate and negativity and I am grateful for that. In fact all I got was love,support,understanding and help. I especially want to thank @jennycraigausnz for helping me thru the toughest part of my journey and for helping me lose the majority of my weight but more importantly helping me get healthier,find balance when it comes to food and my lifestyle and for giving me my life back. My goal for doing this publicly was to inspire,motivate and help other people and I hope I have done that.I hope I have shown you all that you can achieve anything in life. I hope I have shown you all that anything is possible and that everything can be achieved with hard work,belief,patience and perseverance. Go to the link in my bio to see more on my story and how @jennycraigausnz helped me get back into shape. 🙏🙏❤️❤️🥗🍲🍉🍒🍓🥦🍛🥜🍡 #jennycraig #jennycraigausnz #jennycraigjourney #jennycraigfood #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #transformation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #motivation #inspiration #fitness #inspo #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #australia #happy #confidence #fitfam #healthyliving #healthyeating #journey #inspire #empower #women #empoweringwomen

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Inače, Dokićeva je nedavno, a i juče (i na profilu i na storiju) na Instagramu objavila svoju fotografiju kako izgleda sa viškom kilograma i danas sa 53 kilograma manje.

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18 months later and 53 kilos lost. Even though I have posted ‘before and after pictures’ before and I have posted unflattering pictures of myself and my journey,it’s never easy to do it publicly.I think it’s important to do it though because here on Instagram most of the things you see are pretty pictures and that’s ok.I have them myself but I think it’s also important to keep it honest and real and show the not so perfect images and stories sometimes.That’s the reality of life and we all have tough stories,battles and journeys and I am proud of mine. I am not here to brag about how much weight I’ve lost.This is about my tough journey which I am still on and will be for a long time,it’s about the mental battle and the battle with myself and then it’s about the kilos. I just want to show that we all have our battles,stories and journeys.This is firstly a mental battle then a physical one and it’s hard.The fight to get fitter and healthier starts with the head and the battle with yourself. I had many tough days and I still do.I used to binge eat,then starve myself,overtrain then undertrain and then feel sad and guilty.It was a vicious cycle and most worryingly I didn’t love myself. You ask yourself if it’s all worth it,who am I and why am I doing this to myself and why can’t I find the solution and win this battle. It’s still hard to find the balance sometimes.But I fight,I believe and I don’t give up.It doesn’t matter how many times you fall,it matters how many times you get up and try again. I just want to say that it’s not easy and trust me I know,but keep fighting.You will have highs and lows but just keep going.A day at a time.Don’t sweat that burger or cake you had but keep going and keep striving to be the best,healthiest and fittest version of yourself.Its all about balance and most importantly stay strong mentally and don’t stop loving yourself on the way. 🙏🙏🙏🙌💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️ #inspo #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #transformation #weightlossjourney #fitspo #loveyourself #inspiration #goals #journey #workhard #fitness #balance #bestversionofyou #healthyliving #wellbeing #fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #healthylife #melbourne #australia #empower

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